How Adrian Bryant can help anyone lose 10, 40 or even 50 pounds!

Simply said I love Adrian Bryant and his popular easy to use highly effective no-frills fitness and weight loss website  Not only is full of inspiration with tons of real before and after photos from its large group of devotees it is chock full of fitness and weight loss motivation.   Founder and fitness expert Adrian Bryant himself who coaches you through his simple but highly effective YouTube videos and DVDs.  When living in NJ I used his youtube videos all the time when winter would keep me from working out outdoors, plus I love the ease in which you can workout to anyone of his videos with stuff you have around your house or apartment.  There are no excuses with Arian Bryant and his nowloss website.

brett working out from my AH apartment
I have done many workouts, the diet and workouts are so straightforward.

What I love about is Bryant explains everything you would ever need to know about the hows and whys of losing weight effectively using the simple method of calories in vs calories out and plain old high-intensity exercise so that you can well…”look good naked”, which is’s mission and tagline. On the website, you will find multiple healthy weight loss diets and meal plans to accommodate many eating styles (vegetarian etc…) and some based on the amount of weight you want to lose. There is so much there in regards to diet, questions and answers all in a straightforward easy to follow layout.

Do you need to lose 50+ pounds? No worries he has a special program for that too along with a motivating calorie calculator that helps you figure out just how many calories you need to eat to start losing weight.  But what I love most is the impressive way he keeps it simple by walking through each of the steps you can take to be the boss of your own fitness and weight loss goals through all of his FREE YouTube fitness videos most that require little no additional equipment so you can do them just about anywhere you have an internet connection. You have a treadmill? or a fitness bike? or belong to a gym? or just like to change it up? No worries he also offers his HIIT workouts for exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and more. offers workouts that accommodate many different types fitness levels as well (there is even one sitting using a bed sheet) I love that about this site no one is excluded. In the confusing, complicated ever-changing world of fitness gimmicks diets and weight loss techniques, it’s nice to find simple and effective. However, Bryant’s biggest weight loss weapon that is the recurring theme of in all of his fitness videos:  HIIT which is short for high-intensity interval training.  It is what fitness experts like Bryant know is the most effective way to lose weight quickly.

tone it up photo
Tone it up fitness instructor and motivator Katrina Scott shows us how to do the Lunge Row from a tone it fitness printable available on their website

To compare, one of my other absolute favorite fitness sites is which has a plush girl power vibe and is deeply committed to beautiful graphics heavy aesthetics and compelling photography of beautiful southern California and its beautiful founders and fitness experts Katrina and Karena. Tone it up is definitely geared toward the young plugged in the female millennial audience.

It’s wonderful to live in the Tone It Up world.  I love going to the beach with Katrina and Karena to workout in one of their Beach Babe DVDs or YouTube Videos. However, in contrast, the success of lies in the simplicity of just doing the workouts and eating the right amount of calories there’s no posting on Facebook if you don’t want to.

There are no exotic locations in the workout videos no professional lighting, just Bryant in a small gym or home basement studio or living room with his HIIT timer in the corner and jumping jacks or treadmill. Moreover, at the success is intertwined with the Tone It Up community, purchasing the Tone It Up Nutrition plan, contests, giveaways and recurring 28-day fitness challenges. There is also heavy use of social media platforms like Instagram for your selfie daily check-in’s.  It’s much more content heavy and I find it almost too much information to navigate through at times.

I do understand the benefit of the social aspect of Tone It Up in that it may help in reaching a fitness goal to be accountable.  But overall I feel it’s hard enough to track your food and exercise every day in Fitness Pal or Lose It with a full-time job family and friends. I appreciate the idea but I prefer the straightforward fitness approach of that requires me to expel no more energy than that I am already going to use on a 40 minute HIIT workout.

Simple but effective jumping jack HIIT YouTube video like this one from can be done anywhere with no equipment other than yourself.
Simple but effective jumping jack HIIT Adrian Bryant’s YouTube video like this one from can be done anywhere with no equipment other than yourself.

So there you have it, my option of and I urge you to check it out for yourself and watch Adrian Bryant’s youtube video 10 Rules of How TO Lose 10 Pounds every 3 weeks or 40 pounds in 3 months, and try his other simple do anywhere FREE fitness videos like his most recent or buy his DVD’s at or try any of Beach Babe DVD’s from after all, whatever gets you moving is always the best choice.

Until next time, be fit, If you want to read how I got fit and lost 60 pounds in six months read this


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