Need Inspiration to start working out? Look no further…

Tone It Up! Would ya!

I’m happy to introduce to you my new fav workout internet gurus: Katrina and Karena who are the founding fitness enthusiasts and physical fitness experts who bring all girls a huge dose of fitness inspiration with their fitness blog and fitness empire: Tone It Up! In addition to daily workouts and monthly boot camps and home dvd’s it also boasts an active online community of support from other fans if Tone It Up! from around the world.

Both Karena and Katrina are certified trainers and health experts, but it’s their warm personalities and good looks of quintessential California surfer babes that really makes you not only want to look like them but also be their friend, (that their names are so alike is incredible and marketing magic for sure) These two young women really know their stuff and after doing one or two of the bikini beach body ready workouts, I found them not only to be tough and effective but very fun! Moreover, for just .99 Cents you can get their workouts on your iPad with the Tone It Up! app, so there is no excuse for not toning it up on the go. I highly recommend you surf on over and check them out soon!

Tone It Up! About:

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Karina and Katrina make wanting to work-out easy as they are just so fit and good-looking and darn it, they both seem really, really nice!