Iowa, Anchorage, San Diego….plus black to blonde

I love Dyersville Iowa!  I have been there a few times in the past few months as my boyfriend of 8 1/2 years (I’ll refer to him from now on as the Gardner) has to go there often on business to vist Growers Supply.  A city girl at heart, its weird that I find myself drawn to this sleepy little community that is home to the Field of Dreams movie set and more corn fields than malls, in fact the closest one is about 25 miles away.  That being said, the weather was perfect and I had fun tooling around and running on the 26 mile heritage trail trying to shed some of the 10 pound Chicago winter weight gain I accumulated this Winter. I loved honor system for the trail fee and happily deposited my $2.10 into the envelope and trotted along for just under 4 miles.

When I got back to Chicago I then flew off to Anchorage Alaska happy to be flying with a friend and we had fun walking along the parks and neighborhoods along the water in downtown area.  Getting in a little exercise while catching up is always a double benefit.  It stays light in Anchorage until around Midnight this time of year so you feel compelled to stay up once you land but we were both exhausted so went to bed early and out early the next morning, we hit the mall on the way back for Subway veggie delight subs and back to the hotel for a pre-departure nap. Alaska really is the last of the wild frontier and a very special place that I really love and I highly recommend a vist if you haven’t been there already.

Next stop was San Diego where I found this amazing Krisp Store around the corner from the Sheraton Symphony Hotel just about one block away down the hill towards downtown it has an amazing assortment of natural organic and healthy foods and beverages which is great if you are a 99.8% vegan like myself (I rarely but occasionally indulge in a greek yogurt or ice cream) It helps you to eat healthy on the run.  At Krisp I picked up some Dr. Mc Dougall’s low fat hight protein black bean soup heated up in the microwave in my room for dinner and then hit the treadmill at the gym which had much to be desired but I cranked out 20 minutes on the treadmill and felt so much better.

Last but not least, I decided to dye my current dark hair to very close to my natural blonde hair…I loved being a brunette for the last 3 years but really started to not feel like myself, so with a week off of work some bleach and blonde hair color and lots of conditioner I went to task and am pretty happy with the results, I can now just have my roots highlighted and that makes me happy as I just was reading that dark hair dye has more cancer causing chemicals than ligher dye. So Until next time…

Happy travels, healthy eating and keep on moving!ImageImageImageImageImage