Scared Skinny!

Nothing scares me skinny more than a February layover in a hot destination. After all June is just 4 months away!!!  All those hot little skinny tan mammas poolside in bikini’s really made me aware of my current situation.  What situation you ask?  Well my  8 pound Winter weight gain and my uniform finally arriving.  You know the one I ordered back in October when I was at my perfect fighting weight.  Now it’s February and my new size 4 uniform pieces are slightly tight and I refuse to order larger and besides, all the other sizes are back ordered until May close to the wearing launch date!  Motivated by vanity and practicality I am bursting into action!

So before heading to the pool for a little Mexican Del Sol, I forced myself to hit the gym in Cancun, even though it was hotter than h*#@ and I almost passed out from heat exhaustion after 40 minutes on the treadmill.  Afterwards I felt great!  It was just the push I needed  spend the rest of my 3 day trip eating a cans of chickpeas and 6″ Subway Veggie delight subs and “Itza wrap”  Colorado Veggie wraps sans the cheese and mustard only please!

Thankfully it is only February and June is still in the distance but like the pounds of Winter it will slowly creep up and be upon me soon enough.  So, in the mean time I am online at Walmart ordering a spinning bike. Even though I have kept up regularly with my weight lifting, without my home treadmill (that I left in NJ) I am running less, mainly performing intense cardio when I am on layovers at the gym.  I need to do more. It has been so cold her in Chicago, I don’t even want to venture out to join gym. Oh well until next time. Keep eating right and keep moving even if the cold weather leaves you a little less inspired.  Never fear, Spring its way.

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