My move to Chicago and keeping on track!

My dinner tonight 1/2 Morningstar mushroom burger some cooked spinach, green peppers and garlic 1 tsp of fat-free sugar-free ranch dressing on a whole grain and black bean flax seed mini tortilla wrap with an apple for dessert.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but am getting back on track with regular posts! Moved in finally to my new home in Chicago. Flying a lot this month 121 hours!! So eating and working out takes on new meaning!!!

I am especially missing my treadmill that I haven’t decided to ship out or not… The cost, plus I’m not sure if my neighbors downstairs will appreciate it! But I set up my spare bedroom as a workout room and found many local parks with areas to run and there is a local deer park recreation center with fitness classes and cardio and gym equipment that is very inexpensive for local residents, so honestly I have no excuses, but not having the social life I had In New Jersey just yet food is more tempting when you’re having a lonely moment.

This happened the other night happy to be home in my new cozy apartment relaxing on my days off I was fighting the urge to get some soy chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Not totally bad once in a while but I had already had some ( i ate almost a whole pint) earlier in the week so I fought off the craving with a rice cup cake: brown rice cake with one TBS of Nutella which I avoid usually because of the palm oil and milk derivatives, but it quelled my craving and I woke up feeling better for it. What are some if your sweet tooth healthy low calorie alternatives?


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