Food & Fitness on the road in Costa Rica

20120813-102015.jpg Yesterday morning I arrived in beautiful San Jose Costa Rica where the hotel we stay in has a beautiful gym, bathing pool, lap pool and FREE amazing breakfast. I ate in my room for my dinner which consisted of a sliced apple, rosemary and olive oil triscuts (my boyfriend always buys me these even when i ask for plain… He’s the one who really loves these) with fat free humus a hand full of cashews and a small bowl of my Aldi three bean salad. I was so tired from getting up early and the flight that I truly needed to sleep right after my workout! But I knew I could eat a nice breakfast in the morning so I was happy and slept very well 10 hours!



Day 2 Up and off to breakfast! The fruit and coffee in Central and South America is second to none in my book. It is a Vegan dream as fresh fruit, natural grain breads, rice and beans and fresh cooked vegetables are among the other egg and meat dishes on the breakfast buffet. Upon arriving yesterday I ran on the treadmill level 4 for 45 min of interval hills at 4.3. – 4.7 .


Then this morning after 3 cups of amazing coffee my fresh fruit plate and bowl fiber one cereal and some delicious rice and black beans ( truly amazing taste, I wish I knew how they get it to taste so flavorful) I ran for 20 min on tread mill at a 12.5 min pace 5.5 mph then worked my arms with free weights. I really need to buy a good pool swimsuit for laps, for next time. Oh well, should get packing! Van is picking us up at 12:45 pm CR time I should be in Newark by 9:30 tonight! Bye until next time!  What are your favorite layovers?